Business Areas

Ubridge constantly grows with abundant experiences and superior technologies.

Development and supply of special military/industry terminals and devices

Ubridge has localized military high-tech communication terminals and weapon systems, and developed and supplied test equipment based on Ubridge’s operating system (OS) to control systems of communication terminals and technologies to develop applications and produce hardware. Through this process, Ubridge is contributing to the national defense industry.

Development and supply of special military/industry terminals and devices image

Core technologies

  • Hardware
    • - Manufacture industrial and automotive hardware including smartphones
    • - Develop wireless communication devices based on mWIMAX, WCDMA, GSM, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Zigbee, RFID
    • - Manufacture controllers, test equipment and devices for the military weapons system
  • Software
    • - Do Linux, Android, WinCE OS porting and develop multimedia applications
    • - Develop VoIP-based Audio/Video Communication applications
  • Security
    • - Manufacture security modules and virtualization security solutions

Key Achievements

Defense system

Manufactured and supplied TMFTs (Tactical Multi-Functional Terminals)
with TICN (Tactical Information Communication Network)

  • TMFT (Tactical Multi-Functional Terminal) image
    TMFT (Tactical Multi-Functional Terminal)
    • - Commanding & Controlling Service
    • - Tactical additional services based on VoIP
    • - Interworking system with data security
Defense maintenance / localization

Localized controllers embedded with weapon systems and manufactured and mass-produced test devices

  • Power supply module for attack helicopter image
    Power supply module for attack helicopter
    • - Power supply and control of armed systems of attack helicopters※ Passed the MIL-STD environmental test and acquired army airworthiness certification
  • Test devices for power supply modules image
    Test devices for power supply modules
    • - Test devices for testing and verifying performance of power supply modules
    • - Supports of environmental test chamber
Special terminals and platforms for industry

Supplied smart terminals, pads, and platforms for industry and cars

  • Devices for VIP Security system image
    Devices for VIP Security system
    • - VoIP security
    • - Biometric security
    • - Multiple communication methods are applied
    • - Support security system
  • Devices for vehicle control image
    Devices for vehicle control
    • - Loaded with 3G communication module
    • - GPS location tracking function
    • - RFID personnel authentication function
    • - Automatic opening and closing function for vehicle doors
  • Devices for smart highway image
    Devices for smart highway
    • - Wave communication
    • - Provide V2V and V2I information.
  • ETC image
    • - Wall pad


oncar is a service that not only delivers screens and sounds of various contents in a smartphone such as real-time navigation, video, music, etc. to a car display, but also allows you to control smartphone using either the smartphone or the car display. oncar supports both the wireless connection which is introduced in the world for the first time and the wired connection. oncar can be used with a compatible vehicles and navigation, and downloaded oncar app.

oncar image

Core technology

  • Mirroring

    oncar delivers smartphone’s screens and sounds to linked terminals (navigation, PC, etc.) via wired or wireless networking of the smartphone. You can also control your smartphone by touching the connected car display or using a keyboard of mouse of the connected computer.