CEO Message

Bridge Your Life with Ubridge

Since 2004, Ubridge has met diverse customers’ needs as providing new IT solutions and products required in the times and has creating added value in various industries. We launched oncar based on diverse technologies and backgrounds of communication and communication-related products. oncar has expanded smartphone experiences into the realm of car industry and is continually evolving as an IoT service.
In addition, Ubridge has been developing and supplying special military terminals for national defense, and constantly researching and investing in high-tech Tactical Multi-Functional Terminals (TMFTs). We think that safety is the most important thing, and we are targeting to maximize the efficiency of command and control and to provide a stable communication system. As the generation has been advancing, IT has been playing a central role in realizing convenient and enriched life.
Ubridge would do our best to be the leader of IoT technology and help people to live in better life by connecting people to things and things to things.

CEO Byoung-ju Lee