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Management Support

Management support is responsible for accounting, financing-related tasks, managing human resources, and general affairs. In accounting, needed information inside and outside the company should be provided to help their users to make good decisions. The main tasks are balancing accounts, providing financial information like financial statements, and supporting executives to make decisions. When it comes to financing-related jobs, it is required to raise, employ, and execute funds to maintain and grow the company. The affairs of human resources are related to recruitment, education, compensation, promotion, and retirement and manage the organization in accordance with business strategies. For general affairs, company’s welfare system is planned and operated and communication with employees and flexible man agement are supported. In addition, it helps to improve work efficiency as promoting employees’ welfare, utilizing workspace efficiently and creating more pleasant office environment.

  • Education : More than bachelor’s degree
  • Major : Business field, Legal department
Products Planning

The roles of product planning are to design the company’s long-term visions through understanding market trends, analyzing products and services, and planning products and to cooperate with members in other departments to make business strategies and plans for production. Additionally, user-friendly
and convenient products and services are planned considering user’s properties and current and upcoming trends.

  • Major : Industrial engineering, Human engineering, Design, Computer engineering, Psychology
  • Relevant knowledge : planning of similar products, Service planning, Service design, User analysis, Service and product assessment, Service operation etc.
Production management

The roles of production management are to plan production quantity based on the company’s business goals and manage material and human resources. It plans production process, raise productivity
by managing the production, and increases profits by reducing costs. It also arranges personnel, produces products, and achieves the plan. The main role is to optimize the efficiency of man, machine, material, and method.

  • Education : More than bachelor’s degree
  • Major : Industrial engineering, Mechanics, Electrical and electronic engineering, etc.
  • Relevant knowledge : Knowledge on production systems
  • Relevant capability : Ability to handle quality, Ability to conduct comparative analysis, Ability to conduct statistical analysis, etc.
R&D (Connected car)

R&D for Connected car is responsible for developing Android, Linux and iOS software.
Tasks for Android S/W include developing applications for Android OS and wired and wireless communication software for various Android devices. Java is the basic development language, and C/C++ is also needed to develop Native library etc.
Tasks for Linux S/W include developing applications for embedded Linux and software to communicate with other devices. They are basically developed with C/C++. Sometimes, other platforms such as Qt are employed depending on the running environments of Applications.
Tasks for iOS S/W include developing applications for iOS and wired and wireless communication software based on Objective-C / Swift. Developed applications can be run in a wide range of devices, and you will experience works related to Apple certification as well.

  • Major : Communication engineering, Electronic engineering, Computer engineering, etc.
  • Relevant knowledge : Programming language (C/C++, Java, Objective-C / Swift), Network programming and IoT
R&D (Special business)
Special development

For system S/W development, special development is responsible for boot loader, Linux kernel, Android framework, and HAL driver porting. It also develops Application S/W for Linux and Android OS.

  • Major : Communication engineering, Electronic engineering, Computer engineering, etc.
  • Relevant knowledge : Programming language (C/C++, Java, Objective-C / Swift), English ability
    (for interpreting data sheets), Knowledge on H/W and circuits, VoIP and Network programming
H/W development

H/W development focuses on mass-producing products including designing embedded circuits and devices and making samples. Tasks of H/W design are to derive product requirements and make plan and produce hardware based on the requirements. Moreover, it is verified whether the hardware requirements are met by testing the hardware units and its components. Also, it is done to design and make RF circuit modules and sub-systems for communication and low-power circuit to reliably power the system.

  • Major : Electronic engineering, Control and measurement engineering, Computer engineering, Communication engineering, etc.
  • Relevant knowledge : Cortex-A/M, ESP, AVR series, Wireless H/W design, Development of low-power
    systems for mobile, ORCAD / PADs
Sales (Connected car)

The goal of Connected car sales is to mount oncar in domestic and foreign car displays (Head Unit). In preparation for the ages of self-driving cars, the heart of the 4th industrial revolution, better solutions are suggested to optimize user experience of smartphones to the driving environment after reviewing customers’ and clients’ opinion. On behalf of the company, it plays an important role in discussing functions, policies and schedules for oncar with car manufacturers or car display manufacturers (OEM, Global Tier 1 etc.) In addition, it focuses on raising sales to increase profits for the company as satisfying customers in markets and reflecting products-related information (competitors, complaints etc.) Based on business plans and marketing strategies of the connected car service (oncar), sales goal and plans are set up and performance are managed.

  • Major : Irrelevant
  • Relevant knowledge : Connected car, S/W solution sales, S/W solution marketing, Business strategy planning, Customer management etc.
Sales (Special business)

The role of special business sales is to promote business regarding terminals and embedded systems, test equipment and localization for defense industry. It analyses the market of ground and aviation devices, communication networks and high-tech terminals, plans products, and carries out the process of commercialization. Especially, you can experience the entire process of planning a business, manufacturing, inspecting quality and delivering because manufacturing is essentially required.

  • Major : Engineering, Business, Linguistics
  • Relevant knowledge : Market research, Products plan and validation, Price plan, Products evaluation etc.
Quality assurance

Quality assurance is largely divided into 2 parts: S/W quality assurance and manufacturing quality assurance.
In S/W quality assurance, it guarantees the company’s S/W quality through establishing and implementing test plans.
In manufacturing quality assurance, it increases the reliability of manufacturing through identifying hazardous factors during manufacturing processes and undergoing inspections of components import,
on-going process and shipments. When products are defected, countermeasures are devised to prevent the recurrence.

  • Education : More than bachelor’s degree
  • Major : Electronic engineering, Computer engineering, Industrial engineering etc.
  • Relevant capability : Statistical analysis, Analytical thinking, Troubleshooting ability, Ability to think logically